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From introductory sessions to a full term program for schools, our programs cater to schools, workplaces, sporting clubs and community groups.


Professionally endorsed programs 

Love Me Love You provides interactive and engaging programs that challenge the views and stigmas surrounding mental health. Our programs are specifically designed to relate to the relevant demographics, creating an engaging experience. Delivered in schools, sporting clubs, community and corporate organisations, all of our programs are built on the Love Me Love You mission to create positive change in the mental health and wellbeing outcomes of our community through awareness, acknowledgement and action programs and initiatives.

Love Me Love You workshops and presentations are based on real life experiences and are delivered by trained facilitators. The content of Love Me Love You programs are specifically designed in collaboration with mental health professionals, to ensure the highest standard. The programs are very personally and honestly delivered, creating a highly impactful experience that gives participants a greater understanding of mental wellbeing and how they can live a happy and more fulfilling life.

“There’s no one blueprint that works for everybody,
it’s not about you being the answer. It’s about asking the right questions to allow someone to answer themselves.”

Lance Picioane

CEO & Founder

who we work with



Childrens wellbeing is a collective effort of teachers, parents & students themselves. Programs are suited from the age of 6, and vary from individual sessions to term long programs.



Sporting Clubs and Community Groups are vital for social inclusion and connections. Programs range from 45min sessions to full membership programs encompassing our Support Pathway.



Workplaces have access to a range of programs including those of our collective. Nurture your teams with Mental Health awareness education, through to Womens Health, Nutrition & Health Checks


creating A lifetime of wellbeing


45-90min session

Utilising lived experience, participants build awareness of the challenges faced on a daily basis. This enables them to gain insight into mental health as a social and personal concept; helping to create a positive change.

The Journey presentation is adapted to suit all age groups. 


3×45-90min sessions



This interactive workshop focuses on the challenges that people might be facing and how these triggers effect their wellbeing. Participants increase their understanding of emotional stress and understanding to develop strategies that create positive wellbeing.


With an aim to provide an understanding of how to engage the correct support networks, open conversations with people close to you and how checking in can assist in dealing with life challenges.


Paying attention to what you control in any situation can help you build coping strategies that benefit your physical and mental health. Participants develop techniques on how to help combat daily stressors including; mindfulness, gratitude and reflection.


45-90min Session

Without early intervention, mental health difficulties can increase and become significant problems later in life. Care givers (Parents, Coaches, Teachers and the like) are gateway providers for children to access support services. Parents develop an understanding on childhood mental health to better equip themselves to handle potentially harmful issues.


45-90min Session

Moving from primary to secondary school is a big step for everyone. Students are faced with many changes including; environment, classes, friendship groups and teachers. While it may be fun and exciting for some, it can be very challenging and stressful for others. Participants develop skills and strategies in how to deal with this transition including; time management, friendships, support networks and self-care.


8 x Session Program

The Active Attitudes (Primary) Program aim is to equip participants with a tool kit to create a mindful and emotionally healthy lifestyle by the end of the program. Participants will be equipped with critical knowledge and skill enabling them to build positive wellbeing habits while understanding key strategies to assist in coping with life’s challenges.


Session 1 Introduction and Ice Breaker / Friendships And Team Building / Meditation Practice

Session 2 Awareness of Self

Session 3 Mindful Colouring and Craft / Self Belief / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 4 Acknowledgement of Support

Session 5 Kindness / Positive Thinking / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 6 Take Action

Session 7 Food and Nutrition / Boot Camp / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 8 Reflection And Journal / Yoga / Meditation and Breathing Practise


8 x Session Program

The Active Attitudes (Secondary) Program aim is to equip participants with a tool kit to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. By the end of the program participants should be able to identify activating and deactivating habits, rituals, friendships, influences, foods and environments.


Session 1 Introduction and Ice Breaker / Emotional Regulation / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 2 Friendships and Relationships / Support Networks / Meditation and Breathing Practice

Session 3 Vision and Barriers / Control / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 4 Self Belief / Check Ins Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 5 Kindness / Gratitude / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 6 Positive Thinking / Triggers / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 7 Food and Nutrition / Wellbeing Domains / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Session 8 Reflection and Ritual / Mental Health Strategy / Meditation and Breathing Practise


2-3hr Session

Within this training participants develop a greater understanding of how to tackle the challenges associated with mental health. Participants will walk away with a tool kit of resources, skills and researched based strategies that help foster a positive change in the mental health outcomes of your workplace or community. Participants gain an understanding of how to effectively communicate with someone regarding their mental health while learning key self-care strategies.

Meet Our facilitators


Lance is a champion for change win the mental health sector. Having lived with mental illness & substance abuse, Lance contemplated suicide and thought this world would be better off without him.

A husband and Father of 2 amazing boys he now devotes his energy and passion to creating change in how our community tackles the mental illness and suicide epidemic.


Louise is the founder of Friend In Me – an organisation which enhances social inclusion and promotes kindness in the effort to break the cycle of mental health that derives from being ostracised from society.

“I love connecting the community and being the change and the voice that the world wants to see for these little humans. I am on a mission to make no child is left behind”


Resilience, Persistence and Determination are 3 words that can be used to describe Warren Davies –The Unbreakable Farmer. Warren, now pays forward his unique stories about life and business in the face of adversity, in “candid and inspiring” presentations, their moral relevant to all ages, whether you are from the country or city, farmer or CEO of a large corporation.

There is more to this farmer than meets the eye.

community support

give back initiative

Corporate Give Back

Designed to directly impact Corporate’s communities, the Give Back program allows corporates (and individuals) who financially support Love Me Love You to GIVE BACK to their communities by designating how their donations are utilised.  

Donors receive the opportunity to nominate their choice of schools, sporting clubs or community groups to receive sessions & workshops of their choice.


Community give back

At Love Me Love You all our programs are provided to Schools, Community groups and Sporting Clubs free of charge, as a Give Back initiative from our major fundraising events throughout the year. Whilst we do not directly charge for these services, donations are always warmly welcomed and appreciated.  

what people are saying

 “Through Lance sharing his journey (both the highs and lows) so generously and openly, he engaged our students and educated them on the importance of connecting with someone and asking for help when you need it. He showed them that seeking help for mental health takes courage and strength, which is so very important. We will definitely be inviting Lance back in future years so that all of our students get to hear his story.”

Nicky Collins-Smith

Keilor Downs Secondary College

“I met LMLY when seeking help for my daughter.  They have been fantastic ever since in keeping in contact with us to check in. Lance has spoken in my workplace which opened a lot of people’s eyes to mental health and talking about the same.  I suffer from depression myself and having been involved in MWM19 and pushing awareness in my workplace, has helped me immensely.  The reach of LMLY is more than meets the eye.  What they have done for me, my family, my workplace and the individuals in it is something they don’t get to see.  They help save people’s lives.”

Glenn Hall

Western Water

“Want to thank Lance and the LMLY team for coming in and speaking to our Ascot Fitness Youth program. A really insightful presentation. I think the kids really took a lot away from it. Was easy to organise with the company and things ran very smoothly. Really love the work they are doing, changing the stigma on mental health!”

Jake Byrush

Ascot Fitness

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