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When it comes to retention and recruitment of staff, a mentally healthy workplace ranks second in the most important factors. Employees value organisations that place a high importance on the wellbeing of their employees and with absenteeism due to mental health disorders and loss of productivity costing Australian workplaces an estimated $10.9 billion a year, it’s critical that workplaces take a stand and help make a positive social change in the mental health space.

Workplaces have access to Love Me Love You programs as well as the offerings from our brilliant Love Me Love You Collective.


Investing in a mentally healthy workplace is beneficial to all staff. This powerful and engaging presentation creates a safe space to discuss mental health while exploring the facilitators lived experiences. The aim is to help create a positive change in the mental health space by generating conversations within workplace environments.


THE JOURNEY (45-90min session)

This powerful and engaging presentation utilises the lived experiences of facilitator. It helps to build awareness of the mental health challenges we face through exploring the facilitator’s relationship linking their own mental health challenges to the presentation. The aim is to raise awareness, reduce stigma and provide participants with simple coping mechanisms that can help on a day to day basis including; support networks, mindfulness and wellbeing conversations.


Participants increase their understanding of mental health, develop techniques and strategies for coping with life’s challenges & contribute to positively changing mental health stigma.

lifetime of wellbeing program

The Lifetime of Wellbeing Program helps to support participants coping through the development of key knowledge and strategies that can help to keep them balanced. This will assist in not only lowering the impact of potential mental health difficulties they face in the future, but also empower them to take control of their mental and emotional health.



LIFETIME OF WELLBEING (3x 45-90min sessions)

The Lifetime of Wellbeing workshops are adapted to suit all age groups.



It is critical to the health of Australians that they understand and prioritise their wellbeing to ensure they have a balanced lifestyle.  This interactive workshop focuses on the challenges that participants might be facing and how these triggers affect their wellbeing. Having an Awareness of your own challenges is the first step on your journey to recovery.


Participants increase their understanding of emotional stress and emotional understanding, insight into the impact of stigma & develop strategies to assist in overcoming life’s challenges and creating a more positive wellbeing.


We all have bad days and setbacks in life. Our ability to acknowledge that things are going wrong can assist us in overcoming those challenges. This workshop covers topics such as support networks, mateship and check ins. Aiming to provide an in-depth understanding of how to engage the correct support systems, open conversations up with people close to you and how checking in with mates  can assist in dealing with life’s setbacks.


Participants develop an in-depth understanding of the effect’s stressors/challenges can have on person’s life. They will develop skills enabling them to open up conversations with people close to them and how to engage in the appropriate support networks that help them cope during difficult times.


Challenges in life are going to occur, it’s inevitable. What’s important are the actions we take to assist us in overcoming these challenges. Paying attention to what you can control in any situation can help you build coping strategies that benefit your physical and mental health. This workshop aims to develop positive coping skills including mindfulness, gratitude and reflection. These skills are proven strategies that enable people to effectively deal with life’s challenges.


Participants develop techniques on how to help combat daily stressors and other life hardships. They will develop skills in mindfulness, gratitude and reflection.


Knowledge is Power – Sir Francis Bacon

By being able to understand mental health (as a concept), what we should be looking for in the people close to us and how we can help, we find the power to make a difference in people’s lives.




Within this training we will help to create a greater understanding of how to tackle the challenges associated with mental health in your organisation and equip you with the tools to assist people who may be fighting the battle.

Participants will walk away with a toolkit of resources, skills and research based strategies that help to foster a positive change in the mental health outcomes of your community and support your ability to connect with someone fighting through a mental health challenge.


Participants develop knowledge and skills assisting someone who may be fighting a mental health challenge. Gaining an understanding of what to look out for in someone while gaining insight into how to open up conversations about their struggles enables people to reach out with confidence. Participants will learn how to effectively communicate during mental health conversations and be provided with key self-care strategies and resources on where to find extra support.


Our Collective is made up of various Health and Wellbeing experts who help us address mental health from a holistic approach. The sessions offered help to support people with self-care strategies that assist people in dealing with daily stressors, mental health challenges or potential mental health disorders. Empowering employees self-care can assist workplaces in reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, creativity and efficiency.




Seminar topics:

Journey – Mental health lived experience

Create the connection to why investing in our mental health is important and how we can tackle through self care strategies


Empowering Care Givers

Information session for parents, coaches and mentors to understand the risk vs protective factors of a child’s mental health journey


Mental Health – Healthy Minds for Everyone

An introductory session to mental illness. This session tackles the most common mental health problems in Australia: Depression and Anxiety. How common are they; what are the risk factors; how to recognise when someone might be struggling and where to access help.


Stress less

The seminar explores how the stress response of the body is triggered, how stress is experienced for different people and what are some scientifically proven strategies not only to reduce your stress levels but to increase your ability to cope with stressful situations.


Emotional Intelligence

An introduction to the science of emotions and how the way we feel impacts our behaviour. We explore the key emotional intelligence concepts of self-awareness, awareness of others and self-regulation of emotions




The average Australian is sleep deprived and chronically tired. This seminar explores why we sleep; what is the purpose of sleep and what are the consequences of scrimping on sleep. We delve into the common reasons that interfere with our ability to get a good nights’ sleep and how you can have a deep restorative sleep.


Heart Health

Heart disease is the biggest killer in Australia, killing 1 person every 12 minutes. Find out more about the risk factors for heart disease – most adults have at least 1 important risk factor – and what you can do to reduce your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.


Women’s Health

An overview of the important health issues facing women in Australia: Breast and Ovarian cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Obesity and Mental Health problems. Includes a check list for national screening programs.


Men’s Health

An overview of the important health issues facing men in Australia: Heart Disease, Prostrate problems, Diabetes, Weight management and Stress. Includes advice on how to reduce your risk factors.


Keeping your mind sharp

Are you worried about a declining memory? Is your mind as sharp as it used to be? Learn 10 simple strategies to preserve your cognitive function and your mind sharp at any age.


Know your numbers

This seminar is an essential follow up session to Heart Checks. The first step to the prevention of heart disease is to understand your risk factors and know what lifestyle changes you need to implement to change your numbers in your favour. This session uses everyday language to interpret: blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose.


Understanding pain

Our physiotherapist or exercises physiologist will explain the physiology of pain and the mechanisms of common workplace injuries. This seminar is designed for employees to better understand pain and not fear it if injuries occur, thus leading to avoidance of activities that may be beneficial.


Nutrition for wellness

Seminar covers what’s wrong with our diet, how can you improve your diet, understanding nutrition labels and tips for weight loss.

Topics include; Healthy Food Fast, How to cook quick, good, healthy food after a long day at work, planning and shopping, speedy staples and foods to avoid, cooking smartly –doubling up and using leftovers, adding fast flavour, quick dinners for when you haven’t planned anything, best breakfasts and healthy lunch ideas, smart snacking to get you through the work day and eating out.




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