The Love Me Love You tool kit contains a broad range of resources to help you proactively manage your mental health

What does it mean to be “Never Alone”

Written by: Michaela Mania - Digital Manager, Love Me Love You Australia March 16th 2020 As the pandemic of Covid-19 Virus increasingly effects our usual way of life, many of us are faced with a significant disruption to our daily lives in a way we have never...

How exercise can help your mental health

This story has been written by Love Me Love You Collective member Paul Clemente – Personal Trainer.  Written by: Paul Clemente – Personal Trainer, Co-Founder & Head Trainer of Empower Club A little background... So, a little backstory about me without boring you...

What is Mindfulness

This story has been written by Love Me Love You Collective member CAROLINE ANDERSON Mindfulness As humans we have always been driven towards excellence, however never more so than today. So many of us are wanting to get the most out of ourselves, whether it’s running...

Staying Grounded

This story originally appeared on Manoj Dias‘ A-Space blog. Manoj has kindly permitted us to re-post here.  Written by: Manoj Dias Follow How to stay grounded... Worry, stress and rumination go hand in hand with joy, happiness and good vibes. Finding ways to feel more...

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Self care refers to activities undertaken with the intention of enhancing energy, restoring health and reducing stress. 

Taking care of yourself

During uncertain and challenging times in our life our wellbeing can be drastically impacted. 

supporting someone through a challenge

Equip yourself with the necessary tools to be there for others. 


Utilise apps, run a bath or take time to read. Find what works for you.


Eating appropriately provides our bodies with the best fuel to take on challenges.


Refresh, recharge and give yourself the best opportunity to own the day.


Mindfulness is the act of bringing your attention to the present moment. 


It’s not what we have in life but who we have that counts.

Self Care

Find your happiness triggers to make yourself feel good. Daily!

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