Lifetime of Wellbeing Program

Love Me Love You Program Outline 

Journey Presentation (45mins)

A powerful and engaging presentation that outlines the journey through the life of Love Me Love You and explores the facilitator’s relationship with mental health. The aim is to raise mental health awareness, reduce stigma and provide participants coping mechanisms, including support networks, mindfulness & wellbeing conversations. These can be utilised during times of mental health challenges.

Benefits: Increase understanding of mental health, develop knowledge on how to assist someone with a mental health difficulty & educate participants to positively change mental illness stigma.

Workshop 1: Awareness (45-60mins)

It is critical to the health of young Australians that they understand and prioritise their wellbeing to ensure they have a balanced lifestyle. This interactive workshop focuses on the challenges that young Australians might be facing. Accepting that it’s ok to not be ok is the first step on your journey to recovery.


Participants increase their understanding of emotional stress and emotional understanding, insight into  the impact of stigma & develop strategies to assist in overcoming life’s challenges.

Workshop 2: Acknowledge (45-60mins)

We all have bad days and setbacks in life. Our ability to acknowledge that things are going wrong can assist us in overcoming challenges. This workshop covers topics such as support networks, mateship and check ins. Aiming to provide an in-depth understanding of how to engage the correct support systems, open up conversations with people close to you which enable you to overcome challenging situations. 


Participants develop an in-depth understanding of the effects stressors/challenges can have on person’s life. They will develop skills enabling them to open up conversations with people close to them and how to engage in the appropriate support networks that help them cope during difficult times.

Workshop 3: Action (45-60mins)

Challenges in life are going to occur, what’s important are the actions we take to assist us in overcoming these challenges. Paying attention to what you can control in any situation can help you build coping strategies that benefit your physical and mental health. This workshop aims to develop positive coping skills including mindfulness, gratitude and reflection. These skills are proven strategies that enable people to effectively deal with life’s challenges.


Participants develop techniques on how to help combat daily stressors and other life hardships. They will develop skills in mindfulness, gratitude and reflection.