We can not do this on our own

corporate support

making a difference

Together with the support of our community and corporate partners, we strive to make a positive social change on mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

We achieve this through our education , awareness and support programs, tailored resources and campaigns, event support, engagement in LMLY events and our Give Back Initiative.

To become involved, stand up, step forward and make a difference.


OUR collective

Supporting us in the fight FOR mental health

Mental health is a topic that is forever changing. To help keep Love Me Love You up to date and at the forefront, our Collective support and keep us up to date within their chosen industries. The Collective is made up of different people from different walks of life as to help us gain an greater understanding of mental health.

community support

our community partners

Our message is not one that we can spread alone. We work closely with key community partners in both awareness of the cause, and also to provide a range of events and programs that benefit the wider community. 

Our collaboration with these community partners is what will change the stigma. If you would like to learn more about how to get involved, please follow the link below. 



Knights of Suburbia are a community of women and men with a passion for cycling—whether it be be crit racing, commuting or coffee shop rolling. They cycle for physical and mental health, for the sense of community, for adventure and most importantly, for fun.

But what unites them is their mission and sense of purpose: to change the culture around mental health by raising awareness, stopping the stigma, starting conversations and empowering people to develop wellbeing and resilience in overcoming life’s challenges.

Our Partner for our annual Fundraiser Ride with Me, KOS also support LMLY all year round with proceeds from their merchandise sales, and continuing to spread the word that No one travels their journey alone. 


Friend In Me is a not for profit organisation with a mission of enhancing social inclusion and promoting kindness in childhood in an effort to break the cycle of mental health that derives from being ostracised from society.

We want children to be empowered to celebrate their uniqueness and have the confidence and the tools to build their tribe so they can go forth with life when they never thought possible. We are working and collaborating with organisations to have an impact on social change through our events and workshops.

Ball magnets

Ball Magnets is a fitness app and program, which has been designed by top AFL players to educate and inspire young players to find their edge and love the game.

Do you want to know how to train like an AFL player? Ball Magnets’ educational, training and fitness workout app is the only place to find the secrets of how to prepare for and play the modern game, from the people that truly know – the current top AFL players.

We’re more than just a regular fitness training app. Join the Ball Magnets community and receive regular training sessions and programs, plus game-sense insights, session archives and challenges. Receive football training tips and tricks from the experts, so you can see your game improve.

Introducing, The GEM. Australia’s most exciting and dynamic rewards program that is revolutionising the lives of everyday Australians by offering more than just cash rewards, by lifting the benchmark with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and prizes, whilst providing unparalleled support to those who in the community who need it most.
The GEM offers an array of rewards that are not only highly sought after but would make a colossal difference to the lives of everyday Aussies with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and rewards, such as savings from some of Australia’s Largest retailers along with generous cash prizes, awe-inspiring cars and motorbikes, lavish holidays by Luxury Escapes, and money-can’t-buy experiences. And that’s not even scratching the surface.

get involved

Become a friend of Love Me Love You

Further to our major corporate and community supporters, many members of the public get involved to host a variety of events to help support Love Me Love You. Check out our Friends of Love Me Love You site, for how you can get involved and help.

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