March With Me 2018 Training Recommendations – 6 Week Program

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March With Me 2018 Training Recommendations – 6 Week Program

Posted on February 16th, 2018

We’re proud to be supported this year by Paramount Health & Fitness Club in Ascot Vale who’ve put together some information on training in the lead up to March with Me 2018.

Week 1:

When beginning your training program, try to build up your fitness levels – don’t try to do too much before you are ready. Aim for three easy exercise sessions per week, building up to 60 to 90min of exercise/walking in each session.

Target = three sessions of exercise per week of 60 minutes by the end of week one.


Week 2:

Slowly… Increase your duration by 10-15min on at least 1-2 session, but remember to listen to your body and if it feels like you’re doing too much, you probably are.  



Hopefully by week 3 you are starting to fine a grove and your walks are becoming more enjoyable (try and change your route to make is a little more scenic/mentally stimulating)


Week 4:

Now you are able to complete 3-4 sessions of exercise per week, you should look to build this up a little more. Continue your routine of 3-4 sessions of at least 60-90 minutes exercise each week, but aim to walk a total of 10-12km each session.(maybe even a few hills)

Target = to be able to walk comfortably for 90min


Week 5:

Week 5 is already here so it time to introduce a longer walk on the weekend to your program….maybe 2-2:30 hours (walking with some other MARCHWITHME members sounds like a great plan)


Week 6:

Hold strong… Keep that continuity with your training and continue to enjoy time spent with friends on your walks. Now it’s time to start to plan what nutrition/hydration you might take on the day of the event…25/03/2018
Keep is simply….You don’t have to drink a truck load of water or eat a house… small snacks and steady hydration is the key.
The event is upon us, so be happy you have done the work and enjoy this great event with friend and family.

Good luck to all that s involved and we’ll see you out on the course.

P.s Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss 1-2 sessions, but be sure to get back on with it ASAP.

Paramount Health and Fitness
Ascot Vale VIC 3032