March with Me 2019

March with Me 2019

The dust has settled and that’s a wrap for another unbelievable March with Me event…. An event that was filled with a roller-coaster of emotions for over 850 participants, 60 volunteers and 100’s more families and friends that were a part of the March 24th event.

The event has enabled us to raise awareness for Mental Health & Suicide prevention while raising much needed funds that allow us to implement our education and prevention programs where they are most needed. With over $170,000 in fundraising raised, from everyone at Love Me Love You foundation we want to say a BIG THANKS for everyone’s support and efforts to make March with Me 2019 such an amazing event.

To all of our sponsors who supported us and the event, we thank you for generosity and assistance in holding such an event. To our volunteers and LMLY crew, you made MWM19 an absolute pleasure to be a part of and I thank you very much. My appreciation and love for you all is indescribable.

To all participants, of all ages and demographics. You are truly amazing and should be proud of the challenge that you accepted to be a part of. The word inspiration is thrown around a lot but believe me when I say this… your efforts and participation, whether you pounded the pavement for the 60kms or pushed a pram around for the 5kms, what you have done has inspired change; a much needed change in our community. This positive change will allow everyone to feel safe and comfortable to open the conversation around our daily battles with mental health. Additionally, the inspiration and efforts provides others with motivation to create a more open and accepting culture that destroys the stigma and negative perceptions that come with mental illness.

1 in 5 people live with a mental illness.
8 people on average are committing suicide everyday
180 people attempt suicide everyday

It’s time to create the change and you have taken the first step in helping make that happen. Whether it was the 6th time or the first time you participated in March with Me, the impact that you have had not just on yourself but on your family, friends and colleagues will be one of HOPE & LOVE. We need to ride the emotion of the weekend and use it as another platform help make sure that our community and loved ones realise that ‘NO ONE TRAVELS THEIR JOURNEY ALONE’


Lance Picioane

You can check out all the action from the event in the March with Me 2019 Photo Gallery