October 10th 2019 – World Mental Health Day

A day that highlights the importance of understanding our journey. Mental Health as a topic is quite complex for a lot of people and to quote the late Danny Frawley;

“the worst part about having a mental illness, is that people expect you to behave as if you don’t!”

The hardest part of recovering and getting help is that people think as soon as you have talked to your doctor that you are all better. Learning to live and evolve with your mental health journey is where the hard work really starts.

We need to invest the time, the energy and the resources into creating a supportive and inclusive environment, ensuring the person of ill health is not judged, is not ignored and is not ridiculed. As a community we need to play our role in highlighting the importance of self care and also to connect with our immediate support network.

On Mental Health Day, Love Me Love You are encouraging you to join in our social campaign of awareness and support called “Love Me Love Your Mate”

Being involved is easy, supporters just share a photo of themselves with their hand symbolising the 5 members of their mental health support crew and tag them so that they are acknowledged for making a difference in their life!   This will be another small gesture in normalising the check in behaviours to our community of support.

1 in 5 Australians live with a diagnosed Mental Illness and we need your need help to create an environment that ensures No One Travels Their Journey Alone….

Lance Picioane
CEO & Founder
Love Me Love You Australia

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Hero Tile Content

Strength in Numbers
No one travels their journey alone. Surrounding yourself with the support of family, friends & colleagues gives you the strength to know you are never alone. There are times when we can’t do it on own, and knowing the strength one can gain from those around them, is sometimes all the support we need to face the challenges of daily life head on.

Love Me Love Your Mate
Finding love for ourselves is an important part of self-care. Looking out for our mates is an iconic part of Australian culture, and this October we implore you to reach out to those around you. Let your mates know you are there for them, check in on them, and be the best mate you can be.

Who’s your crew?
Do you know who is your Support Crew? If not, we encourage you to write down the 5 names of those that you know you can call on in a time of need. Now reach out them and acknowledge their support for making a difference in your life.

All Stars
We are all a part of standing up and making a difference. Each and every person that lends an ear to listen, doesn’t ridicule one’s blight or takes the time to check in on a mate, is a Mental Health All Star!

Support Crew
We all need a support crew. It may be family, it may be friends, it may be your hairdresser, it may be a work colleague. Whoever it is that has your back, is a part of your support crew. Remember you are never alone.

Squad Goals
Together we can stand up and Make a Difference! We can stop the stigma, we can normalise conversations about Mental Health & Mental Illness, we can make a difference.

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