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Making Positive Social Change

Mental illness is unique

Individualised to each person but for many living with mental illness it can create feelings of;

  • worthlessness
  • being overwhelming by even the simplest things in life
  • constant spinning
  • dark clouds that hang in even the brightest of moments
  • constant doubt in oneself
  • questioning of who they are
  • uncontrollable emotion
  • pounding chest and the list goes on.

For some this is a daily battle, a fight that feels as though it will never end but it doesn’t have to be that way. We live in a society that places a lot of blame on the system (and yes for many it is failing) but it is also having a positive impact on many more.

Stand Up and Make a Difference

The mental health sector is and will be forever changing and evolving. The Royal Commission will with any luck, help give us the answers to creating a better system moving forward to hopefully reduce the 8 people who suicide and 180 more that attempt everyday. But with suicide and mental illness becoming a social epidemic we all need to play a part in making a positive social change.

Sadly, many more lives will be lost to the beast before a change and an effective system is in place. But we can all impact those that we are in contact with every day. The system may be failing some but that is not an excuse for us to not reach out and make a difference in people’s lives.

Open the conversations, look, listen, learn, make time, make the effort show the support and take action. It might just make the difference in some one’s life.

Our understanding of mental health, the causes and treatment options has never been better yet people are still slipping through without getting the help or support they need. But why?? The million dollar question…. There are so many amazing organisations that are putting a lot of resources and research into effective programs and treatments, from awareness to critical response. What does not help is placing blame & pointing the finger at a system that has failed many. Instead we need to create shared, valuable programs & processes that engage and work with others.

This fight is one that we need to win. Put your arm around someone, reach out to them and provide the help that they need.

Lance Picioane

CEO & Co-Founder
Love Me Love You Australia