What We Do

Love Me Love You provides interactive and engaging programs that challenge the views and stigmas surrounding youth mental health. Our programs are specifically designed and targeted at young adults aged 15-30 years, creating a relatable and engaging experience. Delivered in schools, sporting clubs, community and corporate organisations, all of our programs are built on the Love Me Love You mission to raise awareness of mental illness and empower youths to Get Back to School, Back to Sport, Back to Life!

Love Me Love You workshops and presentations are based on real life experiences and are delivered by trained facilitators. The content of Love Me Love You programs are created in collaboration with mental health professionals, ensuring they are of the highest quality and that all content is evidenced-based. Our facilitators have been carefully selected for their knowledge of mental health, qualifications, presentation skills and ability to engage and connect with young adults. The programs are very personally and honestly delivered, creating a highly impactful experience that gives participants a greater understanding of mental wellbeing and how they can live a happy, fulfilling life.

Current Love Me Love You Programs

Love Me Love You Program

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Youth Mental Health First Aid Course

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Empowering Parents Program

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