Youth Champions

Love Me Love You Youth Champions are committed individuals who believe in our mission and actively promote the work of the organisation. Youth Champions work within the community to raise the visibility of Love Me Love You and to advocate mental health issues. By sharing their personal stories and their Love Me Love You experiences, our Youth Champions help the organisation achieve our goals of raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Sarah Kitto

Being a Love Me Love You Youth Champion is a humbling, but exciting opportunity. It’s made me realise that although I don’t see myself as ‘special’ or ‘inspiring’, other people gain inspiration from me. I’ve always had very little self belief, but my involvement with Love Me Love You through March With Me showed me that I’m capable of so much more than I thought, both physically and mentally. The Love Me Love You family showed me so much love during the walk, and this really helped break down some of the barriers I’d built for myself. Being part of the Love Me Love You family is the best thing that could ever have happened for me, and I’ll do whatever I can to ensure that the Love Me Love You message is spread far and wide.

Jorja McDonald

Love Me Love You helped change my perspective on life and have a better quality of life, for me exercise is my “Medicine” and I honestly mean that if I don’t exercise everyday I feel uneasy, so I’m really humbled to be a part of the Love Me Love You foundation which raises the much needed awareness and and provides empowerment for youth mental health, Participating in the March with Me events has been a special experience for me, it has turned my life around and in hope that by my participation that I am making a difference to others that may be challenged by Mental health disorders.It’s important to me being a youth champion of Love Me Love You because i feel that I can be a voice for the youth who suffer in silence!.March with Me is a life time experience that I have shared with friends and family along the way, made new friends and formed a stronger relationship with my family!

Michael Donehue

Michael was exposed to Love Me Love You in 2012, and having suffered from depression for several years he was inspired to get involved and help youth in need of support. Michael knows how important it is to have fantastic networks around you. He has amazing family, excellent friends and he understands how critical it is to know your triggers, coping mechanisms and how to talk about what you are going through.

Throughout his life Michael has had loved ones affected by both mental health concerns and substance abuse. This has fueled his passion to help others by bringing these topics into the forum for discussion. Michael has transitioned into a career educating others about alcohol, illicit drugs and wellbeing, and he is passionate about sharing his story and reducing the persistent stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Michael feels privileged to be an ambassador for Love Me Love You and to reinforce the message that no one should ever travel the journey of mental illness alone.

Carl Valeri

Carl is an Australian professional footballer who is the captain of Melbourne Victory. Carl has joined our team of ambassadors to help raise awareness and open the conversation around mental health.

We’re so excited to have Carl on the team and check out this quick chat he had with Lance.